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Code Forensics Best Practices

Occasionally a client approaches USA Firmware for help with a project that has run into trouble. In any case, the symptoms are usually that changing the code in one place produces misbehaviors in other unrelated parts of the code. Code Forensics Best Practices shares our team’s valuable insights and recommendations.

Fogware IoT Platform by USA Firmware

USA Firmware Fogware™ Linux Distribution Overview Of Software Components

In order to enhance its capability to rapidly provide our clients with low-cost solutions, USA Firmware has invested in a scalable Linux distribution called Fogware™. Fogware is an integration of both open-source and proprietary software components, which has been architected to be portable across a broad set of target hardware platforms. This whitepaper details the software components and development parameters.

Fogware IoT Platform by USA Firmware

USA Firmware Fogware™ Versus Linux: The Value Of The Fogware IoT | IIoT Platform

There are literally hundreds of Linux distributions available that bundle Linux with a dizzying array of applications or packages. However, there is a dark side to Linux. Nearly all Linux distributions are intended for desktop (i.e. PC) or fileserver use. Using a desktop Linux distribution for an industrial product, that may not even have a keyboard or display, can be tricky. Also, these Linux distributions change frequently. Often times these changes break end product applications designed to run on the shifting Linux distribution.

We designed Fogware™ from the ground up to tackle these problems so you don’t need to deal with these headaches and can focus on your application. This whitepaper details the rationale and benefits.

State of Firmware Security

The State Of Firmware Security Protocols

USA Firmware recently surveyed the Firmware / Embedded community on LinkedIn about the current state and practice of firmware and device security protocols. The results of four polls completed March 2021 are summarized in this detailed infographic.

USA Firmware Smart ideas

USA Firmware: Turning Smart Ideas Into Smart Products Brochure

USA Firmware is a turnkey managed design services firm with an emphasis on engineering architecture, quality firmware in embedded systems and Internet-of-Things (IoT) application development. Our engineering expertise, plus a depth of knowledge in hardware, firmware and software design services, powers IoT-era technology in a way that reduces complexity. We can help you create market-ready product designs of superior quality with decreased cycle times and improved ROI. Read our brochure to learn more about USA Firmware's expertise and services.

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Step-By-Step Guide To The Hardware Design Process

The hardware design process is a sequence of well-defined, well-executed steps beginning with an initial product concept, and proceeding all the way to a commercial product release and beyond. Realizing an innovative circuit on the lab workbench is only a small part of what is required for a complete hardware design. This paper takes you step-by-step through the design process and guides you through all the phases with helpful instruction and detail.

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Sustaining Engineering for Your Product's Lifecyle: Why Partnering with a Managed Services Firm is the Best Choice

The ongoing maintenance and support of your products’ hardware, software, firmware, and network connectivity — a process known as sustaining engineering — is crucial. Doing it effectively can positively affect customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and long-term profitability. This whitepaper discusses the sustaining engineering options and why partnering with a managed services firm is advantageous for your brand, your products, your business.