Designing Fully-Integrated
Systems Architecture

Designing and marketing products requires expertise across multiple disciplines. Our clients expect easy setup, long battery life, fast performance, and seamless connectivity. Electronic hardware, firmware, software, cloud, mobile apps, packaging, industrial design, and interfaces with mechanical devices all need to be integrated.

Whether your market is consumer, commercial, medical or industrial, USA Firmware has the experience and expertise our clients need to help develop and launch their new or updated products.  


Hardware Design

Our hardware engineers have experience designing analog, digital, and mixed-signal designs.  We specialize in low-power battery operation, which is vital for the Internet of Things (IoT) and AC mains-powered designs.  

Firmware Design

USA Firmware engineers have experience with every major microcontroller family, including ARM processors, NXP, Atmel, Texas Instruments, ST Micro, Microchip PIC, Intel X86 and many others.  We also write code for embedded Linux, RTOS or bare metal. Collectively, we have the know-how to find the right firmware solution.

Software Design

Software is the key to the connected devices that early tech adopters to late adopting consumers expect today. USA Firmware can help design mobile apps on iOS, Android and cloud systems running on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Losant IoT.  We set ourselves apart from the competition with our demonstrated ability to connect to device hardware and firmware.

Mechanical and Industrial Design

When our clients’ projects involve a physical connection to the outside world, our engineers work together with carefully selected partners who specialize in mechanical or industrial design.  

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Cross Discipline Expertise

USA Firmware is uniquely positioned to offer our clients highly experienced talent across multiple engineering disciplines. We instinctively know how to integrate all the pieces and handle every project requirement in one turnkey process.  

Industry Experience

USA Firmware’s engineering team has experience in over thirty industries covering consumer, commercial, industrial, medical, wireless, and aeronautics.