Instrumentation for
Measurement and Data Accuracy

USA Firmware’s engineers have substantial experience in the instrumentation market. We help our clients design, engineer, and develop instrumentation that provides measurement readings, supports data collection, and helps provide controls for their business. We have assisted our clients with developing calibration and analysis instruments and products that measure the following: 

  • Radiation 
  • Radio Frequency (RF) power
  • Precision low currents
  • Vibration



Vibration Monitoring

USA Firmware has designed and engineered vibration monitoring systems that digitize, capture and analyze signals from multiple types of vibration sensors in real time. One example of this expertise began with the diagnosis and repair of embedded firmware and FPGA code in a vibration, displacement and acceleration signal conditioner. 

By using mathematical analysis to calculate the waveform from the accelerometer input, our team was able to integrate the signal to produce the velocity curve. The lack of an initial condition required the use of detrending math to eliminate trending of the velocity data. Once the detrended the data was used to measure peak-to-peak, peak, and true rms values of the data, the results of these calculations were then pumped into a 4-20mA output in order to drive or notify downstream equipment.

Petroleum Analysis

USA Firmware has experience with hardware design updates necessitated by component end-of-life notices. Our team performed embedded Linux firmware development for instrument calibration and control, including logic to control distillation processes for our client’s offshore petroleum offshore rigs.

Radiation Measurement

USA Firmware’s team of engineers have decades of experience in the measurement of photons via scintillation within the fiber optic and radiation measurement industries.

Electronic Test Instruments

Our instrumentation and control engineers have decades of experience in the sensitive test and measurement industry. 

Radio Frequency Power

USA Firmware designs for leaders in the Radio Frequency (RF) Power measurement space. One example was a dual channel benchtop power meter with a large touchscreen graphical display and an RF power calorimetry system for metrology labs.

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Team Expertise

Several of our senior engineering project leaders, including USA Firmware’s upper management and firmware lead principal engineer have career experience from the instrumentation segment. 

Hardware Expertise

Our average hardware designer has 30+ years of experience working in the hardware (and firmware) discipline. We have experience in all sub-disciplines within Electronics. This includes analog design, mixed signal, very low power, power supplies, and battery and line power controlled designs. Our designs have used full system SOM embedded modules, modern SoC embedded devices down to systems with simple embedded processors. 

System Level Focus

We believe that viewing the product concept with a system level focus will provide a more complete list of hardware requirements and a better overall product solution. Refining these hardware requirements, through our designer’s skill and experience, allows us to define/deliver a more precise solution for our clients’ success.  

Wireless Technology Expertise

Our engineers have experience working at large organizations such Tektronix, Thermo Fisher Scientific® , Cisco® and NASA. In environments where our client’s product needs to be connected to other similar products and gateways, USA Firmware’s experience working in challenging physical structures can mitigate unnecessary stress.

CSA, UL®, FCC Experience

Without CSA, UL, and FCC experience, a firm will incorrectly assess the effort required to get products to market. To prevent a product design ‘do over’, USA Firmware ensures all projects are within the parameters of CSE, UL®, and FCC regulations.

Operating System Expertise

USA Firmware has been creating industrial-rated embedded Linux products for well over a decade, and we are experts in Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS). With this knowledge, we recognize how to effectively partition a client’s product between its edge interfaces and management interfaces.

Communications Expertise

Our Linux engineering staff includes lead engineers from the communications industry’s first broadly successful Wi-Fi product line. We have worked extensively with sensor-area, local-area, and wide-area networking technologies, both wired and wireless, and we have experience utilizing the numerous protocols necessary to communicate across those networks.

Community Leadership

At USA Firmware, we are driven by our passion and knowledge of how important quality firmware in embedded systems is to product design and IoT. This means we take upon ourselves a greater responsibility and need to lead our community, as well as, participate with our clients. We listen and act on what our clients’ needs are while being stewards of great firmware at the same time. This is how we fulfill our responsibility that results from shared knowledge of what quality looks like and our commitment to create great products that are reliable, cost effective, and help advance technology and improve the human condition for generations.