Patient-Centric Devices
for Health and Wellness

USA Firmware has developed devices for healthcare companies developing medical devices that require the most stringent regulatory compliance and patient-centric focus. Healthcare clients look to our team to help them engineer products for use in hospital operating rooms and physicians’ offices. We also help our clients develop devices used by patients to securely monitor their health. 


Medical Products Used In The Operating Room

USA Firmware has helped world-leading medical device companies design products for the operating room, including the following medical IoT products:

  • Next generation operating room lighting system
  • Patient body temperature control system
  • Needle guidance
  • Smart operating table

Medical Wearable and Implantable Devices

Patient-centric devices that monitor vitals and promote health and wellbeing are just a few of the medical devices that when developed by USA Firmware, considered multiple human factors for continual wear. These factors included engineering the wearable from a patient point-of-view, which included how the device would be worn to how the application would be adopted to fit a patient’s lifestyle. Several of these wearable devices include: 

  • Hydration wristband
  • Cognitive training neural headband 
  • EKG monitor
  • Class III medical implant for paraplegic motion restoration

Medical Office, Hospital, and Medical Lab Product Design

The rise of the “healthcare consumer” has impacted all aspects of health care. The patient experience extends beyond the traditional bedside and now employs a high-level of medical equipment and technology adoption for devices utilized for hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical laboratories. USA Firmware has medical device development expertise that includes:

  • Non-invasive 3D ECG mapping system 
  • Vision screening devices for infants
  • Patient monitoring systems
  • Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers
  • Integrated Examination Room System for the brand leader providing instruments and medical-practice equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Cleveland’s Regional Medical Leadership

There’s a reason we’re headquartered in greater Cleveland, Ohio. Our community plays a leading role in the nation’s healthcare because of great hospital systems such as Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, both ranked among the world’s best. These hospital systems attract and support numerous medical device companies. USA Firmware has a significant amount of medical device design and medical device development experience earned from working with these organizations.  

510K, Class I, II and III Experience

USA Firmware has developed products for companies that require stringent regulatory requirements. One example is the Class III medical implant we engineered for paraplegic motion restoration. Our breadth of experience in the design and engineering of electronics, firmware and software development, for applications in healthcare, allow us to be a one-stop resource for our clients.