The technology of today and tomorrow is truly changing our world, yet our industry is struggling. Our most significant challenge has, and continues to be, finding the right talent to bring the proverbial napkin drawing to life.
IoT communication is created and disseminated, updated and encrypted by FIRMWARE. Firmware is the backbone of every single “smart” thing.
Know what you are looking at when it comes to reviewing a PCB assembly. If the electronics appear older, you may have EOL (End of Life) components. Here's how to avoid an EOL catastrophe.
Firmware is becoming the new software. If you believe that, as Bob Scaccia, President and CEO of USA Firmware does, we are at the beginning of a new era, and we had better be prepared for it.
Politics is a 4-letter word when it comes to business. And it’s certainly a dirty secret of just about any organization. So what do you do about it as the owner?
Losant interviewed IoT ecosystem partner USA Firmware, and their CEO Bob Scaccia, about how expert engineered firmware and software integration can reduce the complexity of IoT development.
Software has brought us huge technological advances. The world can commerce, communicate and connect like we could never have imagined.
Firmware controls the electronics which then connect our 'things' to the internet of 'things'. As a result firmware will reside on, well, everything. So what’s the dilemma with the current state of Firmware?
IoT (Internet of Things) is going to be part of your customer's future, and better be part of your product portfolio. However, incorporating IoT is hard and done wrong can destroy your brand and worse yet your business.
The most accepted definition of firmware is something like, programming stored in 'memory which cannot be modified during run-time.' This kind of memory is called 'non-volatile' memory. It's the opinion of the author and several other firmware engineers that this definition, although true, is lacking. It only conveys two things.