The Firmware Age: A Podcast presented by Bob Scaccia, USA Firmware


We're in the Firmware Age according to Bob Scaccia, President and CEO of USA Firmware. In this podcast, he presents a technology timeline leading up to the Firmware Age, why it's relevant, and the future for IoT. This includes a discussion on the future of firmware engineering, the challenge to sourcing skilled firmware talent and what we can do about it, together as an industry. The length of this podcast is 12 minutes.

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Bob Scaccia, President, CEO and founder of USA Firmware, formed the company in 2011 out of his passion for the art firmware design. Bob graduated with a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and quickly built a career that would lead him to become an expert in his field and a visionary entrepreneur in the industry. His past work experience includes design management and leadership roles in firmware with organizations Raytheon, Philips (formerly Picker International), Keithley Instruments and Thermo Scientific. Bob was working on his MBA in Business Management at Baldwin Wallace University earning a 4.0, when he founded USA Firmware. Since that time, Bob has grown the organization from a $200,000 per year business to a multi-million-dollar, award-winning business today. In addition, Bob is a firmware influencer and powers the world's largest embedded firmware group, as well as a firmware contributor with articles and podcasts on He's also published several articles including, "What a firmware curriculum would look like" and has been interviewed by various radio personalities on the topic of firmware and the embedded future.