Hardware Design and
Development Solutions

Successful hardware development comes from two factors: defining hardware requirements from a product concept and integrating hardware designs with firmware/software. As product concepts become more detailed, they tend to quickly diverge into many different directions. Maintaining a system level vision of the product concept allows all the hardware requirements to be captured and prioritized. Those requirements are further refined based upon past design experience to configure/extend the hardware, ease firmware integration, speed software development, and support future growth. USA Firmware has the team, the expertise and experience to design great hardware solutions for our clients’ product concepts today.  


Consumer and Industrial Hardware Products

USA Firmware has experience designing hardware to fit into challenging packaging and survive rugged environments. We have designed hardware products for:

  • Embedded OS platforms 
  • High availability Real Time Operating System (RTOS) platforms
  • Custom Roll-Your-Own (RYO) and bare metal controller designs

Our hardware engineering team can also design for quality (ISO, RoHS), safety (UL, CSA, CE) and emissions (FCC) compliance.  

Handheld and Battery-Operated Hardware Solutions

Our team has designed very low-power embedded systems that can be run from small single use or rechargeable batteries. We design simple, intuitive GUI touch interfaces for handheld devices and wireless IoT sensor devices for distributed applications.  

Wireless Connectivity Hardware Solutions

USA Firmware has designed and supported projects that use Wi-Fi, BT, BLE, Thread, Zigbee, ZWave and others. We help our clients choose the correct type of wireless communication for their product. We can also help them define the operation limits to maximize wireless usage and detail proper layout and design to reduce interference and improve compliance.

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Community Leadership

At USA Firmware, we are driven by our passion and knowledge of how important quality firmware in embedded systems is to product design and IoT. This means we take upon ourselves a greater responsibility and need to lead our community, as well as, participate with our clients. We listen and act on what our clients’ needs are while being stewards of great firmware at the same time. This is how we fulfill our responsibility that results from shared knowledge of what quality looks like and our commitment to create great products that are reliable, cost effective, and help advance technology and improve the human condition for generations.

Hardware Expertise

Our average hardware designer has 30+ years of experience working in the hardware (and firmware) discipline. We have experience in all sub-disciplines within Electronics. This includes analog design, mixed signal, very low power, power supplies, and battery and line power controlled designs. Our designs have used full system SOM embedded modules, modern SoC embedded devices down to systems with simple embedded processors. 

Industry Experience

USA Firmware’s firmware engineers have worked in over 30 industries covering consumer, commercial, industrial, medical, wireless, and aeronautics industries. They have held architect and leadership roles in companies such as Cisco and NASA. 

Hardware Methodology

Our designers continue to stay well-versed on the latest offerings from embedded processor and radio vendors. We follow a proven internal process for designing hardware circuits and validating designs prior to releasing artwork. We proudly use Altium CAD tools for schematic and layout to provide quality PCB designs with 3D modeling for our packaging vendors.  

System Level Focus

We believe that viewing the product concept with a system level focus will provide a more complete list of hardware requirements and a better overall product solution. Refining these hardware requirements, through our designer’s skill and experience, allows us to define/deliver a more precise solution for our clients’ success.