Managed Design for
Industry 4.0

USA Firmware engineers have experience working in the industrial space. Industry 4.0 demonstrates the importance of digital technology for The Internet of Things. Our headquarters located in the Northeast Ohio region is no coincidence. Cleveland is home to several Fortune 500 industrial firms, and USA Firmware is proud to have provided them with our managed design services.


IIoT Petrochemical Analytical Monitoring System

USA Firmware helped design a complete, highly sophisticated Petrochemical Analytical IIoT wireless sensor system for monitoring industrial fluid system properties such as flow rate, temperature, and pressure.

IIoT Tractor Trailer

Designing a complete solution intended to provide a common, simple sensor interface is one of our many engineering specialities. In this case, USA Firmare’s team engineered just such an instrument for a client’s tractor trailer used for transit and shipping. Wired protocols were used inside the trailer to connect sensors with a cellular connection to the cloud, Wi-Fi for lowest-cost depot connections, and Bluetooth for interactions with the truck driver. The system monitored locks, cargo temperature, vibration, tire pressure, brake temperature and about 30 other parameters. 

IIoT Smart Bin System

Hospital systems use hundreds of thousands of storage bins to stock medical supplies and make them available where they are needed by caregivers. A manual Kanban system required workers to visit each stockroom regularly to determine which products needed to be replenished. Our client, which manufactures the storage bins, turned to USA Firmware for help in creating a patent-pending monitoring system that pushes alerts to the hospital system’s enterprise inventory application when a bin has been emptied. Because of the high volumes involved, USA Firmware designed this solution for an extremely low product cost.

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Fogware™ IoT Platform

Many of the complex, costly and time-consuming elements of an IIoT solution are seen every time we take on a design services project. The USA Firmware proprietary Fogware platform allows us to accelerate design, leverage our best-in-class security firmware, and substantially reduce project risk. Because we can reuse firmware modules that have been tested and deployed in other projects, we are able to provide this firmware to our clients at a much lower cost than developing the system from scratch.

Industrial Regulatory Certifications & Compliance

Industrial applications are demanding in many ways. Products must be safe, operate reliably in harsh environments, and must never disrupt the operation of other equipment. To ensure these critical demands are met, industrial customers often require that products comply with international standards and carry a certification proving this compliance. USA Firmware engineers have designed and certified products that comply with a wide variety of standards including FCC.  

A certification area of strength for USA Firmware is hazardous location certification. Our engineers have experience designing and certifying intrinsically safe products to meet IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-11.  We can also help our clients meet ATEX and IECEx requirements.

Embedded Security System Expertise

USA Firmware’s staff includes experts in embedded systems security with prior experience in large corporations such as Cisco and the National Security Agency (NSA). This expertise is crucial in the industrial segment. Fogware Secure Firmware has been developed by these experts. Fogware has been tested against the rigorous IBM X-Force Red® penetration test suite.