Firmware is the Lifeblood
of Smart and Connected Devices

Firmware is the lifeblood of smart and connected devices, and it’s difficult to create. When firms undervalue the complex connection between great engineering and great software development, they tend to develop prototype-grade firmware which leads to system failures in customers’ hands. USA Firmware understands the importance of rigorous engineering principles in developing solid, production-ready firmware for products that delight users. 


Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) Expertise

USA Firmware’s large team of principal firmware engineers are experts in major real-time operating systems, such as FreeRTOS, TI-RTOS, Micrium uC/OS, Thread X, MQX, and VxWorks.

Microcontroller Expertise

The engineering team at USA Firmware has expert level knowledge of every large microcontroller family, including Harvard and von Neumann processors. This includes the Arm Cortex-M and Arm Cortex-A family of single- to quad-core processors, as well as NXP, Atmel, Texas Instruments, ST Microcontroller, and Microchip.

Radio Firmware

USA Firmware specializes in all major radio module families, including Silicon Labs, Veriscite, Telit, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nordic Semiconductor.

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Firmware Expertise

Our average firmware engineer has about 30 years of experience in the firmware discipline. And we have designed firmware using high level programming languages such as C/C++ programming language for 35 years. 

Industry Experience

USA Firmware’s engineers have worked in over 30 industries covering consumer, commercial, industrial, medical, wireless, and aeronautics industries. They have held architect, management and leadership roles in companies such as Cisco and NASA. 

Firmware Methodology

We use the best and most current methods, tools, and standards so that your firmware will be highly leverageable, modular, scalable, and sustainable. 

Project Size and Capacity

We have over 50 firmware engineers dedicated to working on our clients’ projects. Capacity is not a constraint at USA Firmware. USA Firmware also runs and manages the world’s largest firmware LinkedIn community for firmware engineers, led by USA Firmware CEO and President Bob Scaccia.

USA Firmware Reputation

World leaders in firmware design, such as Dan Saks, Jack Gannsle and Mike Barr of Barr Group, have recommended USA Firmware to their customers. 

Firmware Centric

While competitors focus mainly on electronics, we recognize the importance of firmware. Electronics have become standardized, whereas firmware is customized. And firmware done poorly eliminates project success. 

Community Leadership

At USA Firmware, we are driven by our passion and knowledge of how important quality firmware in embedded systems is to product design and IoT. This means we take upon ourselves a greater responsibility and need to lead our community, as well as, participate with our clients. We listen and act on what our clients’ needs are while being stewards of great firmware at the same time. This is how we fulfill our responsibility that results from shared knowledge of what quality looks like and our commitment to create great products that are reliable, cost effective, and help advance technology and improve the human condition for generations.