Smart Home Solutions
For Today's Wireless Consumer

USA Firmware has designed and engineered products for several of the world’s most respected consumer, household brands. The smart home devices we either designed completely or helped design within key product development phases, can be found online and in home improvement stores nationwide. USA Firmware has been involved in developing IoT Smart Home solutions nearly non-stop since the advent of IoT smart and connected home products. 


IoT Smart Ceiling Fan

Advertised by our client as the world’s smartest ceiling fan, and sold by national lighting retailers, USA Firmware’s team designed and built everything from the electronic control hardware to the cloud system. According to our client’s project manager, “USA Firmware is a one-stop shop that becomes an extension of your in-house engineering. Designs always delivered before the required date. The team assisted with setting up ceiling fans at a major industry trade show. We had 86 IoT controlled smart fans in that space alone. I have not seen an IoT company with the flawless operation that we demonstrated throughout the show. I thank USA Firmware for their rock-solid hardware design and embedded software.”

IoT Smart Kitchen Faucet

USA Firmware assisted in the design and development of the world’s most sophisticated kitchen faucet for a global leader in kitchen and bath fixtures. The smart faucet was a Finalist at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for “Best Connected Home Product.” It was also the 2020 Winner at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS ) for Best in Smart Home Technology. What makes this faucet unique is that it will set a temperature and dispense a precise amount of water (2 cups for example) voice on demand without even touching the faucet. 

Additional IoT Smart Home Examples

USA Firmware has helped design a variety of other IoT Smart Home devices and applications that are either on the market or in process of development, including: 

  • IoT smart thermostat
  • IoT smart gas fireplace
  • IoT smart garage door opener
  • IoT smart lights

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Overseas Manufacturing Experience

Competitive pricing for the production of very high-volume products is often a top priority for our clients. USA Firmware has a substantial amount of experience working with overseas, low cost manufacturers to produce high-volume, low-cost products.   

High Volume / Low Price Experience

When designing products for mass production in the millions of units, understanding the sensitivity of cost of goods sold for our clients is incredibly important. Getting their pricing as low as possible is an art in and of itself. It also requires strong relationships with the world's largest OEM’s, distributors and manufacturer representatives. Our team of experts knows how to efficiently overcome these challenges.

UL®/CE/CSA Experience

Electronic products for the consumer undergo a wide variety of certifications and regulations in order to get them to the market. USA Firmware is heavily experienced in the ins and outs working with UL®, CSA, CE certifications.