Engineered Products for
Automation and Logistics Efficiency

USA Firmware engineers have experience working in the industrial space, specific to supply chain, logistics and manufacturing; sectors which are the backbone of our economy. Our headquarters located in the Northeast Ohio region is no coincidence. Cleveland is home to several Fortune 500 industrial firms, and USA Firmware is proud to have provided them with our managed design and engineering services. 


Supply Chain and Logistics Product Design

When product design and engineering require high speed movement and automation in the supply chain, USA Firmware has been helping clients take the lead in developing productive, sustainable and efficient solutions for Industry 4.0.  Several of these solutions include:

  • High volume, smart bin technology
  • High speed packaging automation
  • Automated bag sealing technology
  • Automated industrial scales
  • Packing automation

Manufacturing Product Design

USA Firmware has taken part in the design of a wide variety of products used in industrial manufacturing, from plant controls, to wireless sensors and factory automation systems. The product design and development expertise our clients have engaged us for includes:

  • World-class power generation plant control systems
  • Industrial and military grade power supplies
  • Factory battery powered equipment wireless monitoring
  • Industrial motor encoders
  • High power machine AC drive systems
  • Multi-bus ethernet card
  • Production line paint spray automation systems
  • Antennas for autonomous factory automation
  • Material durability testers
  • Highly sophisticated wireless sensor system for monitoring industrial fluid system properties for refineries of a Fortune 100 Petro-chemical company

IIoT Asset Management Systems

From landscaping equipment, to tow motor batteries, to nursing home patients and medical equipment bins, the USA Firmware team has a great deal of experience in asset management. It’s a key benefit of IIoT. And, USA Firmware brings decades of expert knowledge in tracking and reporting on business assets.

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Fogware™ IoT Platform

Many of the complex, costly and time-consuming elements of an IIoT solution are seen every time we take on a design services project. The USA Firmware proprietary Fogware platform allows us to accelerate design, leverage our best-in-class security firmware, and substantially reduce project risk. Because we can reuse firmware modules that have been tested and deployed in other projects, we are able to provide this firmware to our clients at a much lower cost than developing the system from scratch.

Industrial Regulatory Certifications & Compliance

Industrial applications are demanding in many ways. Products must be safe, operate reliably in harsh environments, and must never disrupt the operation of other equipment. To ensure these critical demands are met, industrial customers often require that products comply with international standards and carry a certification proving this compliance. USA Firmware engineers have designed and certified products that comply with a wide variety of standards including FCC.  

A certification area of strength for USA Firmware is hazardous location certification. Our engineers have experience designing and certifying intrinsically safe products to meet IEC 60079-0 and IEC 60079-11.  We can also help our clients meet ATEX and IECEx requirements.

Embedded Security System Expertise

USA Firmware’s staff includes experts in embedded systems security with prior experience in large corporations such as Cisco and the National Security Agency (NSA). This expertise is crucial in the industrial segment. Fogware Secure Firmware has been developed by these experts. Fogware has been tested against the rigorous IBM X-Force Red® penetration test suite.