Product Design Consultancies Turn to USA Firmware

USA Firmware helps Product Design Consultancies in consumer, commercial and healthcare sectors engineer the electronics, firmware, embedded Linux systems and software into new product designs. 

Our team understands the urgency and the complexity of what’s required to bring product ideas to market for your clients. 

When product design consultancies bring their new product designs to USA Firmware, we work closely with them to identify the requirements and deliverables that take an idea from functional prototype to a market ready opportunity. This process includes product system electronics design and planning, firmware engineering, software development, and hardware design. 

Our engineering expertise, plus a depth of knowledge in hardware, firmware and software design services powers IoT- and IIoT-era technology in a way that reduces complexity, creates product designs of superior quality, with decreased cycle times for faster market entry, and an improved ROI.

We leverage our expertise in Firmware and IoT to turn smart ideas into smart products for the world’s most respected brands.


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Product System Design

Developing and launching quality products requires experience. USA Firmware has the experience and expertise needed to design embedded systems and create software and engineering products that require seamless connectivity with devices and the cloud. We can help our clients through the product system design process in the following markets:

  • Consumer
  • Commercial
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation

Embedded and IoT Project Management Services

USA Firmware brings a thorough approach to managing projects, especially complex projects, such as embedded firmware and embedded Linux development. We establish a foundation for our client’s most important technology and development initiatives by following a time-tested, organized process with the appropriate quality assurance checks and balances and regular reporting for complete transparency during our engagement.

Firmware Engineering and Development

Firmware is the lifeblood of smart and connected devices, and it’s difficult to create. When firms undervalue the complex connection between great engineering and great software development, they tend to develop prototype-grade firmware which leads to system failures in customers’ hands. USA Firmware understands the importance of rigorous engineering principles in developing solid, market ready firmware for products that delight users. 

Embedded Linux Design and Development

Embedded Linux can have multiple meanings from one product to the next. Our embedded Linux engineers provide clarity for the different layers of a product solution. USA Firmware helps clients with the hardware, bootloader, Linux kernel, Linux services and native utilities that comprise a product-specific application correctly.

Fogware™ IoT Platform

Fogware™, USA Firmware’s proprietary IoT platform, provides a foundation for creating embedded Linux products. Fogware includes hardware technologies, pre-integrated software components, and a robust development platform. By reusing existing solutions rather than reconstructing new solutions, we can push our clients’ products to market more quickly, which also saves money. 

Embedded and IoT Software Design

USA Firmware offers a broad set of software design and development services, including the following: 

  • Mobile apps 
  • Cloud platform systems
  • Desktop applications 
  • Web services 

We help clients looking for turnkey design services to create software for IoT applications or embedded devices. 

Hardware and PCB Design and Development

Turnkey product design often includes mechanical aspects. While USA Firmware is mostly known for electrical, firmware and software design, our team can also handle enclosure design and electromechanical integration to deliver seamless results for our clients, from initial concepts to production parts. Successful hardware development comes from two factors: 

  • Defining hardware requirements from a product concept 
  • Integrating hardware designs with firmware and software

As product concepts become more detailed, they tend to diverge into many different directions. USA Firmware has the experience and expertise to design great hardware solutions for our client’s product concepts, aligning development with these two key factors for success.