Engineering Components and Parts
for Mechanical Systems

Turnkey product design often includes mechanical aspects.  While USA Firmware is mostly known for electrical, firmware and software design, our team can also handle enclosure design and electromechanical integration to deliver seamless results for our clients, from initial concepts to production parts.


Mechanical Design

USA Firmware’s mechanical engineers are experts in electromechanical design. We use state of the art CAD design systems such as Creo and SolidWorks to create precise 3-D models, drawings and tooling.  Our team has many years of expertise in the design of injection molded plastic parts typically used in electronics enclosures. 

Electromechanical Integration

Combining electronics and mechanical components requires close teamwork. Circuit boards, wiring harnesses, switches and displays must fit into enclosures precisely. Marrying electronics to moving parts must be handled with great care to ensure safety and reliability.  USA Firmware’s system level approach to product design ensures that these factors are fully planned and executed.


Before incurring the expense of creating molds or castings, our team will often start with a one-off proof of concept prototype in plastic or metal using technologies such as 3-D printing, CNC machining, welding, or laser engraving. Once the concept is refined and proven, USA Firmware can push it into pilot and full production for our clients.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

USA Firmware can fabricate concept models, electronic test fixtures, and small volumes of machinery, and we work with a variety of manufacturers to help our clients achieve market volumes for their products.

Benefits of
USA Firmware

Holistic, system-based approach

All of the work is handled by USA Firmware, and we take on the responsibility for everything working together.

One stop from prototype to production

USA Firmware manages the full scope of mechanical design and engineering for our clients, from prototype through production. There’s no need for our clients to find and manage different vendors for electronics and mechanicals.