Connected Devices for the Internet of Things

USA Firmware engineers have expertise in the networking technologies that connect IoT devices and their users. Many of the complex, costly, and time-consuming elements of an IoT platform solution are seen every time we take on a design services project.

To mitigate this issue, we developed a proprietary platform, Fogware, which allows us to accelerate design, leverage our best-in-class security firmware, and substantially reduce project risk for consumer IoT and industrial IoT projects.

We leverage our expertise in Firmware and IoT to turn smart ideas into smart products for the world’s most respected brands.


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IoT Smart Home Device Design and Development

USA Firmware has assisted companies in developing IoT smart home devices since the invention of IoT, smart, and connected home products. Our clients sell devices for the wireless home that are available through national retailers and online. These IoT smart home devices include:

  • Smart ceiling fans
  • Smart indoor lighting
  • Smart battery operated camping lamp
  • The world’s smartest kitchen faucet (2020 CES and KBIZ show award winner)
  • Cloud connected smart thermostats and gas fireplaces
  • Smart garage door openers 
  • Smart water coolers
  • Smart mattress system
  • Smart pet locator system
  • Automated product reordering system

Industrial IoT Product Design

IIoT solutions must be safe, operate reliably in harsh environments, and never disrupt the operation of other equipment. Our engineering team helps our clients harness digital technology and hardware applications that will advance their business to meet the lean operations, sustainability, and manufacturing demands of Industry 4.0.

Commercial IoT Product Design

USA Firmware and our team of senior engineers have designed IoT applications used in commercial sectors such as offices, hotels & resorts, grocery stores, casinos and restaurants. Our clients include some of the world’s most recognizable brands, and some of the world's most recognizable hotel, grocery and restaurant chains use our customer’s connected devices to enhance guest experience and improve IoT security.