USA Firmware Talent Solutions Attracts Firmware and Embedded Experts

Companies seeking to augment or permanently staff their engineering teams turn to USA Firmware Talent Solutions expertise and access. We have direct connections to thousands of onshore and specialized Firmware, Embedded Systems and IoT Software professionals for organizations developing innovative manufacturing solutions and bringing smart consumer products to market. 

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Suzanne Nebe Mullenhour
Director Talent Solutions

Employer Staffing Solutions

USA Firmware focuses exclusively on helping you access the expertise of firmware and embedded talent. We help organizations build and expand their teams with thoughtfully vetted professionals, who have the skills and experience, to understand that advanced design and functionality starts where product and technology meet. We are able to provide United States and Canada-based talent resources at any stage or functional need. And, it's our responsibility to connect and place professionals in the right career environment who are ready to support your next phase of product or system development.

How did we build our talent network in a way that can bring customized staffing solutions?

  • Our Talent Solutions leadership has worked in consulting services including in-house talent acquisition.
  • We understand how to bridge employer and talent objectives to create a win-win opportunity for all parties involved.
  • The USA Firmware leadership team brings decades of experience supporting early stage product design through global engineering initiatives.
  • USA Firmware president Bob Scaccia is a thought-leader in Firmware and Embedded Systems, and he connects with over 30K followers, which is the foundation for our talent network.

Professionals Seeking New Opportunities

Experienced professionals value USA Firmware because we speak your language and understand the unique space in which you have built your career. We actively secure opportunities where you can maximize your knowledge in a collaborative remote / hybrid / onsite work environment. Be part of a team within an organization that believes with technology and vision all things are possible.


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Embedded Systems Expertise

Embedded systems for operating systems and electronics can be complex, based on the level of definitions and protocols. USA Firmware Talent Solutions staff augmentation and staff placement services help you connect to and work with the right embedded systems expert for your latest project. 

IoT Software Solutions

Software design and development for IoT requires solutions that include functional and non-functional specifications, UI / UX design and the ability to work with a number of programming languages. USA Firmware Talent Solutions partners you  with design and development talent vital for your niche business requirements.