"USA Firmware can design all elements of our clients’ products, including electronic hardware, software, firmware and the Internet of Things. Our engineers possess skills that only come from years of experience, resulting in products that are portable, reusable, easy to follow, modify and diagnose. We are passionate about our art, and it shows in our work and in the relationships we’ve built. From legacy industrial systems to state-of-the-art IoT applications, we can take you from concept to production,” Bob Scaccia, President and CEO.


The USA Firmware culture is one where we do right by others, respect each other, and champion our clients’ ideas and technology needs. We take very seriously the investment our clients make in all of us and how we participate as an integral member of your team to help you achieve your most important technology objectives and business goals.

USA Firmware, as a business, is defined by the value system called “PARTICIPATE,” which summarizes in one word the compilation of our specific core values. PARTICIPATE means you, as a client, have a team who participates with you and for you. We are actively involved and responsible for the successful outcomes specific to your business.