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USA Firmware Makes A Move And Sponsors Ohio Chess


USA Firmware Joins Forces with Progress With Chess

You don't have to see many moves ahead to know that chess provides tremendous benefits for kids and adults of all ages. This idea is not lost on Bob Scaccia, founder of USA Firmware, and sponsor of the Online Ohio Chess Congress this year.  

USA Firmware is a forward-thinking (no pun intended!) product design and consulting services company based in Brecksville, Ohio. The company has served hundreds of customers in Northeast Ohio and coast to coast across the USA. And now they have made their next move; the company is serving the community through chess.

Bob has joined forces with Progress With Chess, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of students through chess programs, and that was just his opening strategy.  USA Firmware's sponsorship of the Ohio Chess Congress, an annual and prestigious chess tournament that determines the Ohio Chess Champion, is of great value to statewide chess community.  The two-day tournament takes place Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

"For a game that originated in the 6th Century, it's relevancy to the careers of future professionals, especially in the fields of engineering and technology, couldn't be more important to promote," says Bob Scaccia. And indeed playing chess is known to have many rather amazing benefits such as better brain function, improved memory, critical thinking, heightened focus, and increased creativity just to name a few.